Polycarbonate Chairs

Polycarbonate Chair Models

Polycarbonate Chairs complement decorations with their impressive designs and ergonomics structures that provide a comfortable seating suitable for the body, ensuring advantage of a long-lasting use. The chairs, which are frequently preferred by enterprises such as hotels, cafes, food courts, and restaurants, are produced with stylish details and body structures that will maintain durability for years, and with color alternatives that will make it easier to adapt to the dining areas. Some models can be used as meeting room chair, conference chair and wedding chair as well as for the purpose of a dining chair. Optionally, it can be also be ordered with a cushion.


Chairs offered with transparent and bright color alternatives adapt to the dining table and other furniture to be used together. Thanks to the UV additive used in its production, the products do not lose their natural color even if they are exposed to intense sunlight. Polycarbonate chair models can also be combined with modern, stainless, hpl, glass, metal or with massive, marble, old fashion tables. Some models are also produced as bar chairs. Polycarbonate bar stool category can be viewed. In addition, the polycarbonate chair designed for children is used in the decorations of nursery and kindergarten.


It is possible to present a dreamlike ceremony to the guests with the wedding chairs in the polycarbonate chairs collection. Classic style chairs that have been popular with people for centuries are used in weddings, events, ceremonies and various organisations.


Polycarbonate chairs maintain their durability for many years in crowded and large enterprises, whether used outdoors in difficult weather conditions or as part of a decoration in the living rooms. It provides safe use thanks to its easy cleaning and hygienic structure. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices.

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