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Meeting Room Chairs

Meeting Room Chairs

Meeting rooms, which are one of the mostly used areas of corporate companies, become more beautiful with the chair designs that catch the trend. Durable metal materials meet with wood and comfortable upholstery. For those looking for economical options, extremely dynamic plastic chairs are produced with many color alternatives. It is also possible to make changes on the chosen chair model designs.

Meeting room chairs contain different features. It is possible to achieve superior comfort even during long meeting hours thanks to the models with armrests. Designs without an armrest provide freedom for movement and seating. Some models are suitable for adding wheels.

Chairs with metal legs and bodies are one of the best examples of modern designs. The fact that metal achieves harmony with many colors, offering matte, shiny or textured options during the painting phase and the easy to clean feature are the reasons why it is mostly preferred. Metal designs are produced with upholstery. Even small changes like changing the fabric or color of the upholstery makes a difference in the design of each model. In this way, it is possible to create a meeting chair that is completely customized for you. With the static painting application, you can change the color of the metal legs and bodies or you can have copper, chrome, brass plating.

Wooden chairs attract attention with their conical leg designs. The wooden material of the chairs are obtained from different trees such as oak, walnut and beech. Thanks to the polish application, you can also change the color of the leg of the chair you choose. It is also possible to add wheels on the wooden chairs with the upholstery or to apply metal material on the legs.

A wide range of fabric options are available for all upholstered chair models. You can change the upholstery of your chair by choosing from different fabric types such as leather, nubuck, velvet, suede, linen or cotton. You have the opportunity to determine the color as well as the fabric texture.

Thanks to the meticulous design process and skillful craftsmanship, you can easily have unique models for meeting rooms. Since high quality materials are used in every stage of production, it is possible to use the chair for many years. Please contact us to determine the most suitable designs for your company and to get information about the wholesale prices.

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