Plastic Armchair Models

Plastic Armchairs in the garden furniture collection can be used with plastic sofas produced in the same model or they can be used separately. Plastic armchairs with comfort, visuality and durability have color alternatives. It provides stylish appearance in indoor and outdoor decorations.

Armchairs are preferred by enterprises such as hotels, cafeteria, shopping malls where many visitors come during the year. It can stay outdoors in areas such as garden and patio all year long. It can be used around a rectangular dining tables or a coffee table can be placed between them. Plastic armchairs can be ordered with cushions. Cushions can be produced in desired color, pattern and features.

As with all garden chairs, plastic armchairs are resistant to UV rays. Even in extreme sunlight, its color does not fade, and it preserves its new appearance for years.

They are practical products thanks to their lightness. It is easy to carry and store. Also, it is easy to clean, maintenance free and hygienic.

Plastic garden furniture group includes plastic table and chair, bar stool, bar table, sun lounger, lounge set models. You can find it in the related category. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices of plastic armchairs.