Iroko Benches

Iroko Benches

If you live in a house with a garden or a large terrace and would like to make your open space both romantic and comfortable, iroko bench models are just for you. It is ideal for gardens, terraces, poolsides, walking paths, city parks, residential garden areas,  recreational areas of companies and common areas of shopping malls. It can also be used in outdoor dining areas of enterprises in the horeca sector such as hotels, restaurants, cafes.

In recent years, modern designs of these products have been frequently used in the recreational areas of companies and in common areas such as shopping malls. If you would like to give a novel touch to your home, office or business, you can choose Iroko Bench designs with peace of mind.

The benches, which are highly resistant to harsh weather conditions, strong rains, snowfalls and the heat of the sun, are obtained by processing of the iroko wood. In addition to all wooden benches, designs with a metal body are also produced. Models with metal bodies are painted with static painting method, while wooden ones are painted with different polish types. You can make the iroko bench into a more dynamic or simple design by choosing from the wide color chart.

Iroko benches are also frequently used in the dining rooms of houses. If you would like to create a more contemporary space instead of a classic dining area, you can use wooden dining tables together with iroko benches. Likewise, wooden garden furniture can be combined with iroko benches.

If you would like to get further information about the bench models that go through a meticulous workmanship process, please contact us to get help from our professional teams and to custom design your bench in desired sizes.