Iroko Bar Tables

Iroko Bar Tables

Iroko Bar Tables

Ideal for outdoor use, iroko bar tables add a different atmosphere to their environment with their aesthetic appearance. Iroko table models used in enterprises such as bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels, fast food restaurants, coffee shops and food courts are the products that bring the vibrant texture of nature into the spaces. Iroko bar table models can be used in the indoor and outdoor areas of homes and companies. They can be kept in your outdoor areas such as gardens, terraces and balconies throughout the year for use as wooden outdoor furniture.

The legs of the bar tables designed for tables made of Iroko wood can be designed with different materials such as stainless metal, aluminum and cast iron. You can also use all-iroko-wood bar tables in your decorations.

Teak oil is also applied on the Iroko Bar Tables to make them look more aesthetic and durable. Since the tables are custom made, they are designed in the shape and size desired by the user. You can design the legs of the products in any desired material and use it with square, round, oval and rectangular iroko table tops.

Iroko wood, which is resistant to different weather conditions such as sun, rain, humidity and cold, is mostly used in the production of outdoor furniture. It is a tree that grows in the African rainforests. Due to its resistance to water, it is also suitable for building a ship, yacht or boat.

Naturally imported iroko wood looks exotic after it is baked. If you want to reflect the coziness of wood to your business, you can choose the bar table and bar chair models made of iroko wood. You can also check iroko bar chairs and bar stools category to create stylish combinations. Please contact us for details about custom made iroko bar tables.

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