Cast Bar Tables

Cast Bar Tables

Cast Bar Tables

Cast Bar Tables designed for enterprises in the horeca sector; such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, food courts, coffee shops, bars and fast food restaurants; offer a wide range of use thanks to their ideal dimensions and different design features. You can choose to use the cast bar tables, which are especially suitable for use in the food and beverage sector, for gardens, terraces, balconies and residential sites.

Cast bar tables consist of table tops combined with materials such as werzalit, compact and wood on cast bar legs. Cast iron bar tables, which vary in design features according to the usage area, have two different alternatives as round and square.

The leg design of the cast bar table can be designed as aluminum or cast iron. In addition, the design can be personalised in the desired color or as distressed. Designs that appeal to all tastes with a rich color range can be adapted to any decoration.

The legs of the bar tables are made of patterned designs consisting of classic lines. Cast bar tables, which have extremely practical maintenance and cleaning features, also offer long-lasting use thanks to their craftsmanship, material quality and design features. Bar chairs and bar stools category can be viewed to create stylish combinations and cast tables category can be viewed for decorative harmony.

The design features of the custom produced cast bar tables can be changed according to preference. You can use cast bar tables, which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, throughout the year without changing their location. Please contact us for detailed information and wholesale prices of the cast bar tables.

Coffee Shop Aluminum Table Leg NEO-720565E

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