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Cafeteria Decoration Ideas

Cafeteria Decoration Ideas

The most popular examples of cafeteria decoration are the most original ones. Each day a new coffee shop or a new restaurant starts up business. Each has its own unique style, each with its own unique decoration opens and some of them close in a very short time. Of course, many are able to stay for a long time. We are considering success and failure in this respect. The more creative, different, original and unique the new generation cafeteria decoration examples are, the more successful they become. Consider any cafeteria you go for a Sunday breakfast, even if the breakfast is excellent, if it is not presented to you in a good concept, if the decoration of the place does not make you happy, the enterprise is not likely to be successful. When we look at the success story of a world famous brand like Starbucks, its founder says that this is entirely related to decoration. “We wanted to create an environment where people can work, spend time with their friends, feel at home, and chat comfortably. What we created with decoration, led us to success.”

New generation cafeteria, restaurant decorations are more important than expected. This is why preparation and decoration takes months before any enterprise is opened. Before decorating, you need to examine a lot of examples for a knowhow on trends. If you have the opportunity, you can visit venues on site for examples. But if you don’t have so much time and opportunity, the best thing is to look at the successful examples on the internet.

Cafeterias’ decorations vary depending on what service they give. Companies with food service need to have larger tables, while coffee and desert service does not require large tables. Likewise, the chairs and the working areas of coffee shops should be more comfortable. Small lounge sets can be used for friend groups to have a more enjoyable time. Lighting should be brighter. The lighting of the resturants on the other hand is a bit darker. In general, if we summarize;

Make one item the star of the space and don’t race very special and assertive products against each other in close spaces.

Light is very important in every space. Adjust according to the style of the decoration.

Make sure that the furniture is in harmony with each other and with the space when choosing colors.

When placing your accessories, lower them from the rear to front or from center to sides.

Get professional help if you want to make radical changes in your decoration.

Follow the user instructions for your furniture to last long

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