Traditional Furniture

Traditional Furniture

The Traditional Furniture collection includes sofa, armchairs, chairs and sun loungers. Traditional Furniture products blended with classical style appeal to all tastes thanks to their timeless design features. Ergonomic design products with many options also differ in usage areas. Products made of metal are suitable both for indoor and outdoor use, while upholstered furniture is among the products that are ideal for indoor use. Furniture made of quality and durable materials is used with pleasure in places with intensive human traffic.

The collection products, which have a wide usage area, are used with pleasure in restaurants, cafes, hotels, residential sites, clinics, hospitals and living areas. Furniture that adds a dignified and serene atmosphere to the space due to its classical and traditional design features, also creates a perfect combination with classical style furniture. Some of the furniture is custom made, while some designs are in stock. Furniture that is resistant to adverse weather conditions does not deform and provides long-lasting use.

Traditional Furniture Models That Never Go Out of Fashion

Chair designs in Traditional Furniture group are produced from two different types of materials; metal and wood. Metal chairs present the traditional design with modern touches. In addition, accessories such as cushions and pillows can be added to metal chairs according to preference.

Wooden chairs, on the other hand, emphasise the classic style from A to Z. Wooden chair models are custom designed as upholstered and upon request. Fabric or leather can be used in upholstered models, and the color, pattern and type of materials can be selected by the user.

The sofa and chair desisgns supporting the spine, guarantee a comfortable long-term seating experience. In the furniture collection, there are many options for the  leg designs. Both wooden and metal furniture can be produced in the desired color. In addition, there is the possibility of production with corporate logos for commercial enterprises. You can create a completely different look in your living spaces by combining the chairs in the Traditional Furniture collection with tables in the same design group. Please contact us for detailed information about the unlimited furniture product options in the Traditional Furniture category.