Pool Bar Stools

Pool Bar Stools

Pool Bar Stools used by the poolside of hotels, housing estates, holiday villages and private properties offer long-lasting use with water-resistant production materials. These products, which are designed with quality materials, draw attention with their stylish stance as well as comfort.

The collection products, which have a light structure, are able to get full marks from their users thanks to their ease of portability. Pool Bar Stools with different design options, mediate to provide a comfortable experience all day long with the high comfort they provide.

Comfortable and Stylish Pool Bar Stools

The comfortable bar stools, which are produced both as stools and chairs, maximise aesthetics with their elegant and stylish design features. Pool Bar Stools used by the poolside and bar sections of the hotels make life easier thanks to their high leg designs, backrests and lightweight structures.

Designed mainly in monochrome colors such as black, white, taupe and dark grey, the products promise a comfortable long-term seating experience. Logo can be applied to the Pool Bar Stools, which can be customised during the production phase. Thus, the products become specific to your business.

Elegant Pool Bar Stool Models

Pool Bar Stools, which are made of polypropylene and glass-fibre mixture materials, can be used with pleasure for many years thanks to their durable and solid structure. The collection products, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, ensure safe use in areas with intensive human traffic.

The models, which can be produced as bar stools and bar chairs, can positively change the atmosphere of the space thanks to different color alternatives. In addition, design products; which are suitable for use in wedding, event and organisations thanks to the elegant and stylish feature of the production materials; can be easily decorated due to their transparent color feature.

Pool Bar Stools manage to satisfy their users in every sense since routine maintenance is extremely practical as they are water resistant and washable. The collection, which has a design in style and color suitable for different decoration styles, easily adapts to the current atmosphere of your enterprise and adds a brand new atmosphere to the environment. Please contact us at any time to create an order for the  Pool Bar Stools with advantageous options and to share your design ideas.