Lunchroom Tables

Lunchroom Tables

Dining halls are among the most basic social areas of corporate structures. Employees in schools, hospitals, clinics, factories or plazas use these areas both for gathering and relaxing when they take a break. Due to these reasons; pleasant, spacious and useful dining hall tables are offered for dining halls. Options include numerous products such as marble, cast iron, metal, solid wood, plastic, hpl, werzalit tables. You can create a stylish dining set by choosing one of the stylish chair models from the chairs category.

Werzalit Dining Tables For Lunchroom

Werzalit tables stand out with their easy-to-clean structure and economical prices. It is shaped by applying high pressure and can be coated with decorative papers. Table legs are produced with metal, wood or chrome-plate options. You can choose from a wide range of colors for the table top and choose marble or wooden patterns. For bulk orders, it is also possible to apply your company logo on the tables.

Solid Wood Dining Tables For Lunchroom

Solid wood dining tables have a lot of variety in terms of leg designs. Particularly best in harmony with cast legs, these products are made of beech wood, which is known for its durability. You can also choose different colors such as oak or walnut for the tabletops with natural polish.

Plastic Dining Tables For Lunchroom

Plastic tables can be used indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the easy-to-clean feature, it facilitates hygienic applications in crowded dining areas. It offers an extra resistance against breaking and cracking thanks to its glass-fiber content. Plastic tables with elegant designs erase the classic boring images of these products from memories; and offer young, dynamic models with vibrant colors.

Metal Dining Tables For Lunchroom

Metal tables are the best examples of modern designs. With its elegant structures and shiny appearance, it gives a strong impression in all spaces. These products are also offered with different color options. Painting options can be chosen as matte, shiny or texture. Metal tables, which are resistant to sun and rain, can easily be used in open areas.

HPL Dining Tables For Lunchroom

HPL tables are highly durable, long-lasting products against intensive use. Color, pattern and size can be selected for the hpl table, which is one of the custom produced tables. Table tops can be produced in desired thickness. It is ideal both for indoor and outdoor use.

When choosing dining hall tables, it is possible to achieve a completely customized product for your company by making desired changes on design. You can create the decoration you dream of by also choosing your chair. If you prefer a different table leg model for tables, you can take a look at the table legs page where there are quite a few options. Please do not hesitate to call us to experience the privilege of quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship and economical prices. Also to share your design ideas, please contact our team.