Lunchroom Chairs

Lunchroom Chairs

Dining hall chairs include examples of many different styles. By viewing the products, you can easily access retro, contemporary, industrial or classic models; and choose according to the material properties required for indoor and outdoor spaces .

Upholstered Chairs For Lunchroom

Upholstered chairs are produced in different designs with wooden or metal legs. It is possible to apply brass, bronze or copper-plate on metal legs. There are different fabric options for the upholstered part that creates a superior comfort area for your guests. Upholstery can be applied with fabrics such as leather, velvet, suede, nubuck, chenille or cotton. You can determine the color of the fabric according to the corporate colors of your company or your space. It is also possible to make a difference by applying stylish quilting on the upholstery at the seat and back. Upholstered chairs can be used indoors.

Polycarbonate & Plastic Chairs For Lunchroom

If you are looking for models that are suitable for outdoor spaces, plastic or polycarbonate chairs will meet all your needs. Thanks to the UV additive used in the production, the colors never fade due to sunlight and you can easily use the products for many years. The glass-fiber in the content makes plastic and polycarbonate chairs more resistant to weight and prevents breaking or cracking. Polycarbonate chairs offer a transparent image due to their structure. Plastic models reflect a young spirit and a retro style thanks to their vivid colors. Both products have different designs and wide color options.

Metal Chairs For Lunchroom

Metal dining hall chairs impress with their decorative appearance. These designs that are in perfect harmony with contemporary spaces are offered with different color and coating options. It is also suitable for outdoor use thanks to its durability against rain and sun. Woven and perforated sheet chairs offer an extra advantage to your guests, especially in hot summer seasons, as they provide air permeability.

Wooden Chairs For Lunchroom

Wooden chairs add a romantic touch to all spaces thanks to their cosy structure. You can also take advantage of different polishing options for wooden chairs made of trees such as oak, pine and beech. It is possible to have modern designs in which wood and metal are used together. You can choose retro design wooden chairs as well as classic and romantic styles.

It is possible to get a completely customized design by making color and form changes on the dining hall chairs. You can view the lunchroom chairs produced by Neo Horeca with high quality standards and get information about the products. You can create an order for the lunchroom chairs, as you can find every feature you are looking for according to the style of your place, at economical prices.