Lobby Sofa

Lobby Sofa

Making a difference with the eye-catching design and quality, lobby sofas offer your guests superior comfort in large areas such as lobbies. You can easily use lobby sofa models not only in hotels, but also in hospitals, clinics, plazas, factories, schools and all public institutions. Among the outstanding options are sofa types with metal bodies, upholstery and wooden details.

You can prefer quilted sofas with mind at ease and they never lose their elegance and are one of the favorite designs of every period, especially in corporate designs such as plazas. The quilting application, fully at the back and armrests, adds an eye-catching elegance to all sofas. If you would like to personalize such designs in which leather is preferred for the upholstery, you can choose different fabric and color options. There are different applications such as walnut or oak for the wooden legs of the quilted sofas.

Quilted lobby sofas, in which metal and wood are harmonized, achieve a great harmony with contemporary and dynamic space designs. Static paint is applied on the metal legs and body of this type of furniture, so you can change the color of the legs as you wish. Metal lobby sofas, which also include a wide range of upholstery fabric, stand out with their difference in design, especially when preferred with vivid and eye-catching colors.

If you would like your lobby sofa to have an art deco style, you can find different options. Art deco products, which attract attention with their wide upholstered areas and high backrests, create an extra comfort. Upholstery is applied with different fabrics such as suede, leather, nubuck, velvet, cotton, linen or chenille. These designs are mostly complemented by wooden legs such as walnut and oak.

If you wish, your lobby sofa can accommodate many design elements together. Rising on strong metal legs, having quilted upholstery and offering an extra cosy look with the wooden armrests, lobby sofas are always a good choice.

You can change the color of almost all parts of these content-rich sofas and get a completely personalized design for your company or your space.

All lobby sofas are durable against intensive use and have a long service life. The wide range of products includes different models that will match almost any decoration. Please contact us to share your design ideas and to get detailed information.