Food Court Tables

Food Court Tables

Where food & beverage businesses are together and serve in a common area, it is required to use comfortable and durable tables where customers can eat their meals. Food court tables are generally among the furniture needed in the common dining areas of self-service businesses. The products which are produced according to the features of the Food Court areas has variety which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Considering the needs of the enterprises in the Horeca sector, many types of tables such as metal, plastic, marble, casting and wood veneer are offered. Food court tables, where modern designs are created with fine and solid workmanship, allow customers to have pleasant meals in the common dining areas. You can have a look into the chairs category for the chair models which you can make a set with the tables.

Food Court tables are generally used in the common food & beverage areas of large businesses such as shopping malls or plazas. Businesses providing services in these areas have an intense customer flow, which brings a continuous use of furniture with it. Tables produced to meet these uses are made of quality materials. Many durable materials such as metal legs, thick MDF tables and marble are used in the manufacture of food court tables. You can use the tables, which can be used in indoors and outdoors, in common balcony areas, in all seasons.

The legs of the food court tables can be changed with different leg models, the thickness of the table tops can be determined and the colors of the products which is produced upon order can be selected according to the project. By determining such details, you can ensure that your business has a complete décor. When designing the Food Court Tables, they are usually produced with one leg or it is produced with the legs joining in the center of the tables. Food Court Table, which offer more ergonomic functions in terms of sitting compared to classic four-legged tables, include designs where the food can be eaten quickly and allow movement while sitting.

Tables made of durable materials are different in kind to meet the needs of every business with different color and size options. Tables made of materials such as metal, plastic, glass or marble that can be used in outdoor areas such as gardens and terraces bring a practical use with their veneers suitable for fast cleaning. Solid wood or veneer tables, which are generally preferred in indoors, are also durable and aesthetic looking furniture and are light enough to be replaced as in all other tables. In the chairs category, there are dozens of chair models that you can make a set with these tables.

You can review the food court tables produced by Neo Horeca Furniture with high quality standards and get information about the products. You can order the food court tables with economical prices, where you can find every feature you are looking for according to the style of your place.