Food And Beverage Furniture

Food And Beverage Furniture

Enterprises providing food and beverage services gain place in the minds of their guests with their decoration and comfort as an addition to the service they offer. Food and Beverage Furniture help businesses attract the attention of their potential guests with stylish designs.

In order for the places to reflect the desired atmosphere in the food and beverage areas of cafes, restaurants or hotels, it is necessary to pay attention to the table selection. Metal, solid wood, wood veneer and hpl tables, which can be produced in desired sizes and colors, are an ideal alternative for enterprises looking for originality in decorations. If you wish, you can choose among the cast and plastic table models offered in standard colors and with alternative sizes. You can safely use solid wood and wooden veneer tables in indoor areas, and other table models both in indoor and outdoor areas.

Stylish and ergonomic chairs enhance the experience of eating, drinking and chatting. Chairs, which you can use to complement the tables or place them next to the bar, offer an exact solution to your comfort needs. Metal chair models, which are reinforced against outdoor conditions with cataphoresis coating before painting, become a stylish and durable option, regardless of whether it is used indoors or outdoors. Polycarbonate chairs with plastic and transparent color alternatives that can be produced in vivid color tones are reinforced with glass fibre additive and supported with UV protection so that they can be used indoors and outdoors.

The wooden models which are made of Iroko wood, can be used in outdoor areas such as garden, patio and terrace as teak oil is applied on it and also it can be used in indoor dining areas. Woven bar chairs and upholstered chairs, which gain a stylish look with rope weave on the metal body, bring  unique comfort and elegance to your indoor areas. Upholstered chairs are offered with leather or fabric upholstery options.

Sofa and seating group models add a cosy atmosphere to the areas where they are used, bringing comfort and aesthetics together. Furniture with metal, plastic, wood and upholstered options create many functional alternatives for indoor or outdoor spaces. Umbrellas which are designed to prevent your guests from being affected by weather conditions such as sun or rain are among the most functional decorative products. Umbrellas with manual or automatic mechanism alternatives accompany your business for many years thanks to their durability.

You can add comfort and cosines to your business by choosing among the Food and Beverage Furniture, which have custom production advantages in many models, and you can furnish your indoor and outdoor spaces with durable furniture that preserve its first day appearance for many years. Please contact us to take a closer look at the most suitable alternatives for your business among the wide range of products.