Folding Table Legs

Folding Table Legs

Folding Table Legs offer functional use for enterprises such as coffee shops, cafes, restaurants or at home. Folding Table Legs can change the horizontal form of the flat surface table to vertical. When the tables are folded, they take up little space and can be easily transported. Models produced for indoor and outdoor use have different styles. They  attract attention with their functionality as well as elegance in various decoration styles and arrangements. They can be used with wooden, marble or plastic table tops. You can get an original style by combining the table leg and table top you like according to the weight they can carry. Having Folding Table Legs in terrace, patio, balcony and garden areas gives you an advantage when moving the furniture inside due to weather conditions. Folding the tables also allows you to move freely while cleaning the area.

Folding Table Leg Models

Folding Table Legs are produced from different materials such as plastic and metal. The weight that the product can carry is variable depending on the production material and its form, and if you use it with a suitable table top, it will meet your expectations.

There are single-legged and four-legged models. Single-legged products have side supports on the pedestal that prevent tipping.

There are designs that table tops join only from the middle or join from the corner of the frames. It is important to consider the size as well as the weight of the table top when choosing Folding Table Legs to make the right choice with the appropriate size.

Products with various color options are functional pieces that can be adapted to many different decoration styles such as modern, industrial and classical. Folding Table Leg selection can be made according to the color and style of the Folding Table.

Usage of Folding Table Legs

A Folding Table Leg can be used indoors or outdoors depending on the material from which it is produced. It can be painted in the desired color. With its safe mechanisms, it can be used for many years without any problems. It can be used with table tops made of many different materials. It can be teamed up with Folding Chairs. It can easily be assembled and easily used thanks to its simple mechanism.