Fast Food Tables

Fast Food Tables

You can easily own table designs and superior quality materials that will make a difference in the decoration of Fast Food businesses. You can find different models which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and you can also make some changes on the design if you wish. Numerous fast food table options such as plastic, metal, solid wood, glass, cast iron, werzalit, Hpl and wooden veneer are at your service with a single click so that you can choose freely. You can evaluate the chairs category for chair models that can be combined with the table.

Metal Tables For Fast Food

Metal fast food tables add a dynamic stance to spaces and contain a superior durability. These products, which can be used both in indoors and outdoors, have an easy-to-clean structure. In this way, it is very easy to provide the hygienic conditions required for eating and drinking places. You can choose square or round metal tables in different sizes. You can also determine the color of the table top and table base according to the general design of your space. Metal tables, which are in perfect harmony with solid colors, wooden looks, marble and stone patterns, are also very quick and easy to install. You can choose straight and clear lines for leg designs or you can choose the cage look, which is the favorite design of recent years.

Solid Wood Tables For Fast Food

Solid Wood Tables For Fast Food are very suitable option for indoors. It is made from durable and long-lasting materials such as beech, oak and walnut. Wooden table tops are completed with cast legs, in this way an extra durable table is obtained. It is possible to apply your logo on the table top area of these models, which are painted with natural colored lacquers. By selecting the color and applying the logo, you can achieve a great harmony with your corporate identity and own a completely unique design for yourself.

Plastic Tables For Fast Food

Plastic tables are resistant to sunlight thanks to the UV additive in their structure. In this way, it can be used easily in outdoors without fading colors. The glass fiber in its content makes these models extra resistant to weight and prevents problems such as breaking or cracking. Plastic Tables are very practical because they can be cleaned easily. It is possible to order in different colors and sizes.

Marble Tables For Fast Food

Marble tables are among the longest lasting models. The marble table top is supported by strong metal legs. Thus, it offers a very comfortable use in outdoors. Natural marble patterns add a more original look to any design. You can freely choose among pattern options, and choose the color of the specially designed metal legs as you wish.

Glass Tables For Fast Food

Glass Tables For Fast Food can be used in indoors and outdoors. It makes small areas look wider and adds an extra spaciousness. Table legs contain different materials, forms, colors and are specially designed for each model. In this way, it offers you a wide range when determining the colors of the table legs. Table designs for fast food businesses are made with a superior quality of workmanship. The materials used offer first class durability. For choosing the chairs you can have a look in chairs category. You can contact us if you want to make stylish touches to fast food places and you can experience the privilege of fast production process.