Canteen Chairs

Canteen Chairs

Canteen chairs are offered with different contents that can be used in indoors and outdoors. The Chairs that stand out with their colorful, vibrant and contemporary design is produced with metal, wood, plastic and polycarbonate materials. You can choose wooden models for indoors and UV additive plastic and polycarbonate chairs for outdoors. Since metal designs are resistant to rain and sun, they can be used easily in these areas.

Polycarbonate Canteen Chairs

Polycarbonate chairs create a vintage style when their material structure and design features are combined. Its transparency offers an extra spacious appearance, making it one of the ideal designs for small spaces. The UV additive in its structure makes all models resistant to sunlight. The glass fiber in its content, makes it resistant to breaking and cracking. It is also possible to support the general design of your space by choosing your desired color options. You can also use Polycarbonate chairs, which are frequently preferred among garden furniture, in indoor areas.

Metal Canteen Chairs

Metal canteen chairs offer the best samples of contemporary designs. The dynamic leg openings, elegant woven in armrest and back part areas are the most remarkable elements of these models. Before painting, cataphoresis coating is applied so that you can use it outdoors without any problems. You can choose the metal part of the chair with matte or shiny textures. It offers you a wide range of colors is offered to you. You can find cushioned designs for metal chairs or you can order cushions separately if you wish.

Iroko Canteen Chairs

Wooden chairs are mostly used in indoors. However, designs produced from iroko wood and polished with teak varnish are not affected by rain and sun, so you can easily use these products in outdoors. If you want your wooden chair to reflect a modern style, you can prefer designs that are intertwined with metal. You have many options for wood canteen chairs in terms of wood, color and polish.

Plastic Canteen Chairs

Plastic chairs contain similar features with polycarbonate models. It can be easily used in outdoors thanks to its UV additive and glass fiber content. With meticulous designs, the perception of classic plastic chairs is also changing a lot. Their curved structures add dynamism to the designs and these models achieve great harmony with vibrant colors. Since it can be cleaned easily, it makes it easier for you to provide the necessary hygiene conditions in the eating and drinking areas.
It is possible to use the canteen chairs, which are produced with quality materials and detailed workmanship are applied at every stage, for many years. By making some changes on the product you can get a completely personal design. By making some changes on the product you can get a completely personal design. You can contact us to order or to discuss your design options.