Cafeteria Chairs

Cafeteria Chairs

The Cafeteria chairs which is used in places such as cafeteria, coffee shop and social facilities are among the main furniture that determine the entire decoration and energy of the place. The cafeteria chairs which you can use in your decoration offers you a numerous options. There are options such as metal chairs, plastic chairs, polycarbonate chairs, aluminum cast chairs, wooden chairs and upholstered chairs that you can easily use in indoor and outdoor. Each of the chairs which provide advantage, you can make some changes to the design of the chairs.

Metal Chairs For Cafeteria

Metal chairs can be used in indoors and outdoors in all seasons. Metal furniture, which is resistant to natural factors such as rain, snow, and wind also offers a long-lasting use for businesses. In order to provide extra resistance against weather conditions, cataphoresis coating is applied to metal chairs before painting. It is also possible to choose the color of the metal chairs as matte, glossy and texture.

Plastic and Polycarbonate Chairs For Cafeteria

Plastic and polycarbonate chairs resist the fading effect of the sun thanks to their resistance to UV rays. In this way, it is possible to use the Plastic and Polycarbonate chairs that do not lose their vibrant colors in outdoor areas of you place. These chairs, which are in the garden furniture group are an ideal option for indoor decoration, thanks to their stylish design. The glass fiber is used in both products which strengthens the chair against breaking and cracking. You can choose any color for the Plastic and polycarbonate chairs and create an integrity with the general design of your place.

Iroko Chairs for Cafeteria

Wooden Chairs are produced separately for both indoor and outdoor use. Wooden chairs to be used in open areas are water-resistant which is made of Iroko wood and teak oil is applied on them. You can choose your chair completely with wooden material or you can choose designs in which metal and upholstery are intertwined. You can also choose the color of the wood. Custom made Iroko chairs are comfortable, durable and decorative.

Aluminum Cast Chairs For Cafeteria

Casting chairs are presented with elegant and interesting designs, which are a candidate to take the leading role in the place where they are used. It is possible to choose the color of the cast models produced by applying aluminum casting to certain molds as you wish. If you wish you can order cushions for Aluminum Cast Chairs. You can easily use Aluminum Cast Chairs, which are produced with careful workmanship in outdoor places such as gardens, patios, and terraces in all seasons.

Upholstered Chairs For Cafeteria

The Upholstered Chairs For Cafeteria provide a superior comfort even during long sitting periods. There are different body designs such as wood and metal. The upholstery is applied to the seating and back part. If you choose models with armrests, you can also apply upholstery on the arms. There are many options for fabric upholstery such suede, leather, nubuck and linen. In addition to the fabric type, it also offers a wide range of colors.
You can evaluate the chair models which is produced by Neo Horeca with high quality standards and get information about the products. You can order the chair that is suitable for your Cafeteria business with economical prices.