Plastic Tables

Plastic Tables

Plastic Tables stand out due to their light structure, easy-to-clean surfaces and durability for outdoor use. Moreover, plastic models meet innovative design ideas and offer opportunities to create stunning spaces. It is widely preferred by companies, especially for large-scale orders, as it provides an advantage with economical prices.

You can easily use plastic tables in the food and beverage sector. You can provide hygienic conditions more easily in places with high circulation such as shopping malls, fast food restaurants and cafes. If you wish, you can make decoration changes in enterprises such as hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and bars by choosing contemporary designs.

The tables chosen for outdoor areas must be resistant to weather conditions. Plastic tables are very suitable for use as a garden table. It resists not only water, but also the corrosive effects of sunlight. Thanks to its UV protection, it does not lose its colors easily and eliminates abrasion problems. It can stay in the garden, balcony, patio, terrace areas all year long.

Since plastic tables are produced with glass fibre-reinforced polypropylene material, they also offer a strong effect against impacts and weights. Thanks to all these features, you can use these products for many years with the same quality as of day one.

Design forms include alternatives such as square, round or rectangular. You can order all forms in different sizes and you can also determine the color of the table. If you would like to change the plastic appearance of your table, it is possible to choose models with aluminum legs. You can also view plastic chairs category to create stylish combinations. Please contact us to get further information about the production stages of plastic tables.