Werzalit Bar Tables

Werzalit Bar Tables

Werzalit Bar Table manages to be one of the most preferred models especially in the food and beverage sector. One of the reasons why they are loved by enterprises such as hotels, cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls is their robustness and the other is that there are plenty of material options. 

Thanks to the legs painted in any style and the table tops with color options, you can adapt your furniture to the general decoration. 

With the tables, it is possible to arrange the space as desired since they can be ordered with customised dimensions. Since the tables are produced in square, round and rectangular shapes within certain dimensions, it becomes easier for you to choose the table that suits your needs. All options are offered for table legs. If you wish, you can choose rattan-looking, stainless, cast or aluminum legs.

Another option for table legs is coating applications. Static paint can be applied in different colors, or you can choose coating for the legs. If you prefer coating, you can have brass, copper, bronze and chrome applications on the metal legs. Please check the table legs category for table leg models. Logo can also be applied on the table tops if you would like to achieve integrity with the corporate identity of your company. You can view the colors and patterns of table tops on the werzalit table tops category.

One of the important usage areas of werzalit bar tables is crowded organisations such as parties, cocktails and weddings.  Designs that do not require bar chairs are very suitable for such events and organisations. You can choose the ideal table suitable for your needs thanks to different table heights determined according to usage areas. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the materials, production stages or delivery times of werzalit bar tables.

Werzalit Bar Tables Models

Werzalit Bar Table Models

Werzalit bar tables, highly favored in the hospitality and retail sectors, offer an array of models to suit diverse needs. These tables stand out for their robust construction and the wide variety of materials available. The models come in different shapes—square, round, and rectangular—each available in various sizes to accommodate different spaces and requirements.

The customization options for these tables are extensive. Table legs, for instance, come in various styles: from rattan-looking to stainless steel, cast, or aluminum options. There's also a range of finishes available, including different paint colors or coatings like brass, copper, bronze, and chrome on metal legs.