Plastic Sofa and Lounge Sets

Nowadays, the expectation of aesthetics, comfort and durability is at the highest level and plastic sofas are among the favourite product groups preferred in decorations thanks to their remarkable designs, usefulness and economic prices. Plastic sofas, which are generally used as garden furniture in home decorations, are also preferred indoors for commercial use. In addition to different color alternatives; fabric type and color and pattern can be selected for the cushions. Optionally, acrylic or polyester fabrics can be used. Acrylic fabrics are 100% madder dyed and guaranteed not to fade. Cushions are produced with zipper for easy cleaning.

Plastic furniture meets expectations at the maximum level in terms of durability. The UV additive used in its production keeps the colors vivid for many years. Plastic sofa can stay in outer spaces such as patio, garden, terrace without fading even under excessive sun. The plastic sofa, which has all-weather feature, will not deform due to rain and snow, careful use is not required. It provides convenience especially when used in cafe, coffee shop, social facility, shopping mall and restaurants.

Sofa sets generally consist of a single sofa, two seater plastic sofa, three seater plastic sofa, plastic coffee table, plastic side table. The advantage of plastic sofa sets is that the desired piece can be ordered in desired quantity and in accordance with the need. For example, two seater sofas can be used for the long sides of a rectangular dining table or outdoor corner sofas can be requested in the desired length, U sofa can be made. Another usage is that a plastic sofa can be placed in front of a long wall in cafeterias and it can be used with a dining table. Please ask for information.

Some models can be stacked, some can be disassembled. The installation of the products is quite practical. Products take up little space at times of shipping, transport and storage.

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