Push-Up Umbrellas

Push-Up Umbrellas

Push-Up Umbrellas are light, practical and easy-to-use products preferred for pool, beach, garden, terrace, balcony areas. They are umbrellas produced in small sizes. Umbrellas are custom produced in different sizes as square and round. Water filled plastic drums or concrete filled wheeled legs are used under the umbrellas.

They are ideal products to be used in crowded areas such as hotels, aqua parks, residential sites in between sun loungers. Its easy to open-close feature provides comfort for guests using the umbrella.

These designs, which can be placed on the sides or in the middle of dining tables and sun loungers, are produced in sizes and colors according to customer requests. Among the umbrella models there are with or without fringe options. Also corporate company logos can be applied according to request.

Among the designs that use high quality fabric and body, there are many different models. A wide range of color and fabric alternatives are offered to users for umbrellas produced using aluminum and rigid plastic. For the fabric part of the products, color selection can be made from the polyester fabric color chart.

Please contact us for details about the umbrella you need to choose the best among many options such as round, square, with or without fringes, curved or fixed, concrete or water filled.

Push-Up Umbrellas Prices

The pricing of push-up umbrellas varies significantly based on several key factors. Firstly, the material quality plays a crucial role; umbrellas made from high-grade fabrics and durable frames such as aluminum or fiberglass tend to be priced higher due to their longevity and weather resistance. The size and design complexity also impact the cost. Larger umbrellas that provide more coverage or feature intricate designs and patterns are generally more expensive. Brand reputation and market positioning are other influential factors; luxury brands or designer umbrellas often command higher prices due to their perceived value and style quotient. Additionally, technological features, like UV protection coatings or wind resistance mechanisms, can drive up the price. The manufacturing process, whether handcrafted or mass-produced, also affects the cost, with handcrafted models usually being more expensive due to the labor and skill involved. Lastly, the retail channel – whether purchased in-store, online, or through specialty outdoor furniture outlets – can influence the final price of push-up umbrellas, with prices varying due to overhead costs, shipping fees, and retailer markup.