Flexy Rectangle Umbrella Awnings

Flexy Rectangle Umbrella Awnings

Designed to create shade in outdoor spaces and to protect sitting and resting areas from the sun, the awning can be produced in different sizes and colors according to the user's needs. It is one of the most functional outdoor furniture.

The awning, which is very easy to use thanks to its folding design. It provides comfort in small areas and can also be preferred in very large spaces. The design; in which different features such as remote control and LED panel can be added according to user requests; is custom produced in different colors and sizes.

Collapsible awnings, which are preferred to increase the comfort of open spaces of enterprises; as well as homes with large gardens; stand out with their ease of installation and use. It is frequently preferred for use as commercial furniture in the decorations of cafes, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, shopping malls, fast food restaurants. The user-friendly design can be preferred with the manual version as it can easily be opened and closed manually.

According to customer requests and needs, different fabric types and colors can be produced for the awning, and if desired, special electrical equipment can be applied to add a heater on it.

It is possible to produce awnings according to the size of the spaces where the comfort is to be increased with an awning. Also, many awnings can be installed side by side. Aluminum material is used in awnings which are produced according to user request.

For the fabrics, there are acrylic models with UV protection, sun-resistant, high-quality weaving. However, different fabrics can also be used according to the user's request. Likewise, the color preference is determined by the user. Please contact if you would like to complete your terrace or garden with a high quality Flexy Rectangle Umbrella Awnings and to create an order.