Beach Pool Umbrellas

Beach Pool Umbrellas

Beach Pool Umbrellas

Beach pool umbrella models designed to create shadow areas at the beach and poolside stand out with different color and body alternatives. They are umbrellas produced in small sizes. They are ideal for use in between sun loungers. While designs can be personalised according to customer requests, there is also an option for logo application for corporate companies.

Square and round designs are among the different models that will decorate the poolside and beaches. In terms of their  mechanism, two different system options are offered to customers as push-up umbrellas and pulley-lift umbrellas. 

Push-up umbrellas are like rain umbrellas in which the fabric is pushed up and fixed with clips. Pulley-lift umbrellas have a rope on the body that is pulled and fixed to open the umbrella. Depending on the area where the umbrella will be positioned and according to request there are alternatives offered with water or concrete filled legs.

Beach Pool Umbrellas, custom produced with high quality materials, are produced quickly according to the wishes of the customers. Designs that attract attention with their easy installation and usage features are offered to customers with different color and fabric alternatives. The designs chosen by the users who would like to color up the beach and pool areas are produced with the colors and fabrics suitable for their needs and tastes. Companies can have their logos printed on the umbrellas if desired.

The bodies of the umbrellas, which attract attention with their material quality, are produced with aluminum material. The umbrellas are frequently preferred for outdoor seating and resting areas especially with sofa and lounge sets; as well as for beaches and pools and they can be produced in desired sizes. 

The product range includes alternatives suitable for different requests and needs such as with or without fringes, round or square umbrellas. Beach and pool umbrellas are products offered for wholesale.

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