Upholstered Benches

Upholstered Benches

Upholstered Benches

The Upholstered Bench models are ideal designs to create cozy spaces with both functional features and stylish designs. The benches, which have the flexibility and style that can suit almost any decoration in terms of models, also appeal to different areas of use. They can be used together with upholstered armchairs to create stylish combinations.

Some models can be used in hotel room, cafe, restaurant, coffee shop, bar and shopping mall decorations. It is ideal for many areas at home such as at the entrance, living room, bedroom and in front of window areas. Since you can choose the material as you wish, it is very easy to get models suitable with your furniture, room or workplace. It is also possible to create stylish decorations by combining upholstered benches with dining tables.

Benches which have wooden and metal materials in their bodies have quite different options for upholstery. You can choose leather or fabric, and you can choose patterns and colors completely according to your taste. You can combine 1st class kiln-dried beech wood with suede or linen upholstery or with quilting application.

The upholstered benches, which you can prefer to make your spaces useful and stylish, preserve their first day quality for many years. Thanks to robust materials, leather and fabrics, problems such as possible abrasions or discolouration are also eliminated. You have the chance to create a harmonious seating group by combining the bench designed for two together with the version designed for one.

You can find many models to create a perfect harmony in interior decorations. Also, you can decide on all the details of the products and request a very stylish, complementary upholstered bench design which is also functional. Please contact us to get information about different applications and options.


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