NEO-100361E Cafe Food Court Metal Chair

NEO-100361E Cafe Food Court Metal Chair

NEO-100361E Cafe Food Court Metal Chair

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It is preferred in crowded enterprises due to its durability, comfort and modern style. It is one of the best examples of loft and industrial style.


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The traces of loft and industrial style, which started in the 20th century and is still one of the trend decorations, are seen on the design. The metal chair is ideal for modern dining areas where furniture produced using different materials are used together. It can also be used as a contrast with different styles. It can be combined with solid, marble, werzalit, epoxy, hpl tables.

The metal chair can safely stay outdoors as well as indoors, thanks to its production techniques and quality materials. Comfortable dining areas can be created in open areas such as gardens, patios, terraces. The cataphoresis coating applied before painting ensures that the product is not affected by water. It is especially advantageous in places where there is a lot of human traffic such as cafe, food court, hotel, coffee shop, restaurant. It is easy to clean, hygienic and suitable for dining areas in this respect. It is also preferred for crowded areas such as company, hospital, school.

The chair can be painted in all shades, making it easy to match the decoration. In addition, the color or pattern of the cushion to be produced for the seat can be determined by user. Optionally, leather or fabric can be used.

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Cafe Food Court Metal Chair

  • Options: It is custom produced upon order. All details can be determined by user.
  • Material Used: All metal.
  • Color: All colors in ral chart can be applied as matte, shiny, texture according to the user’s preference. Cataphoresis coating is applied before painting to increase its durability outdoors. Please ask for information about distressed, chrome, copper, gold, brass plating applications.
  • It can be ordered with or without cushion. If desired, fixed upholstery can be applied. Leather or fabric can be used. Color and pattern can be selected. Company logo can be applied on cushion or upholstery upon request.
  • Usage Areas: It can be used indoors and outdoors such as in garden, patio, terrace, balcony. It is preferred for the decoration of commercial areas such as cafe, food court, social facility, bar, restaurant, shopping mall.
  • Style: Modern