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Restaurant Table Bases

Restaurant Table Bases

Tables used while eating or drinking consist of two parts which are the table bases and table tops that allow the placement of objects made of different materials. The base must have the capacity to bear the weight of the table top and the elements placed on top.

Restaurant Table Base models are produced from quality materials to carry wooden, marble or glass table tops which are produced in different widths and weights and to carry the objects to be placed on them. Products with stylish designs are made of materials such as metal and wood in different colors. You can choose among the wide range of budget-friendly products that adapt to various decoration styles and concepts.

Restaurant Table Base Models and Usage Areas

Restaurant Table Base is an ideal piece for dining areas. The table base and table top is created as a set in different styles. You can choose it not only for restaurants, but also for enterprises such as hotels and shopping malls, dining areas or for personal use at home.

The stylish table bases are produced from natural wood and different materials which are durable and weight-bearing. Products with different forms, consisting of single, double or quadruple pieces, are suitable for use with oval, round, square and rectangular tables. You can choose according to the height and weight of the table you would like to create.

Produced with geometric plain lines, flamboyant curves and nature-inspired details, the bases adapt to various styles. Stylish  designs can be created in classic, modern, retro or rustic style to attract attention. Aluminum and quality wood are preferred in order to be easily portable and robust. Pieces can be personalised by changing the color and lacquer. Pedestal and headed designs offer the advantage of choosing among many options in various forms according to taste.

Restaurant Table Base Options

Restaurant Table Bases can be produced from materials such as metal, aluminum, composite, plastic, cast iron. In order to get full efficiency in indoor or outdoor use, the right material must be selected. It is possible to choose different styles and materials such as modern and vintage to harmonise with the style of the chair to be used together. The size and weight of the table top is directly related with the size and weight of the Restaurant Table Base.



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