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Garden Bar Stools

Garden Bar Stools

Since natural factors such as rain and sun damage the colors and materials of the furniture, choosing bar chairs to be used in open areas with gardens requires a careful study. You can examine the most suitable materials for gardens in our collection and enjoy a long-lasting use. Garden Bar Stools have options such as metal bar stools, wooden bar stools, polycarbonate bar stools, aluminum bar stools, and plastic bar stools. In addition, bar stools in the garden furniture group are also preferred for indoor use. You can check the bar tables category to create stylish combinations.

Plastic Bar Stools For Garden

The glass fibre and UV additive in the structure of Plastic Bar Stools make these designs ideal for outdoor use. UV additive preserve the color of the bar stools against the sun rays. The glass fibre makes the product extra durable against breaking and corrosion. Plastic Bar Stools get eye-catching appearance, thanks to innovative ideas. Crossed back lines, curved reclining areas and dynamic leg expansions add a rich look to all designs. Such products are offered in many color alternatives. It is possible to create a complete decoration by choosing the best color that suits to the general appearance of your space. You can order a cushion in order to increase the comfort of the Plastic Bar Stool.

Metal Bar Stools For Garden

The biggest advantage of the Metal Bar Stools are that they can adapt almost to any decoration. For example: you can easily use it on a wooden bar counter or on the edge of a marble table top. The long-lasting Metal Bar Stools which are very easy to clean contributes to the business budgets. The metal body can be painted with different options such as shiny, matte and texture. While matte bar stools create a softer look, bright designs add an elegant glow, especially to low-light spaces. You can choose your Metal Bar Stool with upholstery or you can order the cushion separately.

Polycarbonate Bar Stools For Garden

You can make your garden beautiful with polycarbonate bar stool models which is offered with transparent and bright colors. Bar Stools, which can maintain their durability for many years in crowded areas, can be used in indoor decoration as well as in the garden. It provides comfort even for a long term seating experience. It can stay without fading under extreme sun rays. Polycarbonate Bar Stools provide a catchy decoration for guests in weddings, invitations and various organisations.

Iroko Bar Stools For Garden

Iroko Bar Stools is one of the furniture produced with natural materials, is a custom made production. It is possible to make some changes on the product according to the decoration. You can contact us for more information about the production status of your favourite model. Teak oil is applied on Iroko bar stools.

Woven Bar Stools For Garden

The body part of the Woven Bar Stools are made of metal. Custom made production can be made in this product group. Color selection can be made from the ral chart for the metal body. In addition, the color of the yarn used for weaving can also be determined by the user. The Woven Bar Stools are among the trend choices of recent years.

Aluminum Cast Bar Stools For Garden

It is the ideal choice for those who want to maintain the classic look of indoor decoration in the garden. Aluminum Cast Bar Stools can stand in outdoor throughout the year. It can be ordered with cushion if desired. They can easily move from one place to another thanks to their light weight feature. It can be shipped as disassembled. Some of the products are custom made production which allows you to make some changes on the sizes of the model. In this way, you can get a special product that belongs to your decoration. In the bar tables category, there are dozens of models that can be combined with these chairs.

You can examine the bar stools produced by Neo Horeca with high quality standards and get information about the products. You can order the bar stools, which you can find every feature you are looking for according to the style of your place, at affordable prices.

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