NEO-750008E Outdoor Sling Chair Aluminum Stackable


NEO-750008E Outdoor Sling Chair Aluminum Stackable

Modern, stackable, lightweight, ergonomic and long-lasting sling chair is the favorite of outdoor dining areas. Color can be selected both for the body and fabric. Aluminum sling chair is the right choice for enterprises such as cafe, restaurant, hotel and shopping mall.


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Outdoor Sling Chair Aluminum Stackable

  • The product, which is often preferred in outdoor decorations of enterprises, has important advantages. The ergonomic structure suitable for the human body provides comfortable and healthy use. The simple and stylish appearance, color alternatives, solid body structure are the prominent features. It provides guests a pleasant time in cafe, hotel, coffee shop, shopping mall and restaurants. It can also be used indoors according to preference.
  • The aluminum body is not affected by water and it does not deform. It can be used safely where products deform in a shorter time such as the seaside and poolside . In addition, the body is made of aluminum, making the chair lighter. Being easy to carry is an important feature for guests and enterprises. You can choose from the ral chart for the color of the body.
  • Serge Ferrari mesh fabric is used at the seat and back. Since the fabric is UV added, it is not affected by sunlight and it maintains its new appearance for many years. It dries quick after getting wet. There are also color options for the mesh fabric.
  • The chair is stackable so it can easily be transported and stored. In addition, since it does not take up space, it provides space saving and low transportation cost advantages.
  • It is easy to clean and does not require periodic maintenance.
  • The fact that it can be used for many years in dining areas with intensive human traffic contributes to the budget. This model is also produced as an armchair. Compatible table models can be viewed from the tables category. Please contact for information and wholesale prices of the modern design outdoor sling chair.


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