Rattan Effect Plastic Sun Loungers

Rattan Effect Sun Lounger

It can be used for both home and business decorations. Rattan Effect Sun Lounger models are resistant to intensive use in crowded areas such as pools, beaches, aqua parks, spas, and residential sites. It is also used for garden and terrace decorations at homes. It is resistant to outdoor weather conditions throughout the year. Being stackable provides ease of transport and storage. It is lightweight and can easily be relocated. The sun lounger is produced with polypropylene material. This material is poured into the mold. It takes the shape of the mold with high heat and a rattan effect weave-like texture is obtained on the surface. Thanks to the UV protection used in its production, its colors do not fade. The glass-fibre it contains increases the durability of the product and prevents it from breaking. It is available in stock in certain colors. It can optionally be ordered with cushions. Color and pattern selection of the cushions can be made from polyester or acrylic fabric charts.