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NEO-251194E Spindle Back Chair Armrests Metal Base (Copy)

$ 111.00

Spindle back chair is ideal for hotel, cafe, restaurants thanks to its unique and different design. The legs of the metal armchair are conical. Color can be selected for the cushion and the body. It is suitable for indoors and outdoors. It can be used for home decoration as well as commercial use.


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Spindle Back Chair Armrests Metal Base

  • A stylish decoration can be created for special guests with the metal chair designed for the horeca sector. It is the ideal choice thanks to its distinctive and unique appearance, comfort and durability. Color can be selected to suit with the place it is located.
  • Leather or fabric can be used for the upholstery. For sunny and rainy outdoor locations, there are leather and fabric alternatives with UV added and waterproof features.
  • The metal body is static painted. If it will come into contact with water frequently, a cataphoresis coating can be applied before paint. It can be considered as a car paint.
  • Decorations using the spindle back chair are quite high. It can be used for commercial decorations in places such as hotels, cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, as well as for home decorations. It can be decorated in home kitchen, balcony, and patio areas. A stylish look can be achieved with wooden, compact, marble and metal tables. Tables category can be viewed. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices.


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