Polycarbonate Bar Stools

Polycarbonate Bar Stools

Polycarbonate Bar Stool models are one of the best alternatives for those who would like to change the whole atmosphere of indoor and outdoor spaces and to create retro designs. Polycarbonate models, which offer a very different appearance with their completely transparent structure, are especially suitable for social places such as cafes, coffee shops and bars. It is frequently used in  home decorations as well as in hotels and restaurants that want to create a dynamic design. They give good results especially with kitchen islands. You can create a stylish appearance in the reception and lobby areas of companies. In addition, some models are preferred for wedding halls and ballrooms for use in various organisations.

One of the biggest advantages of polycarbonate stools is that they are UV added. All products which have UV additive in their structure resist the harmful rays of the sun. Even if you keep your polycarbonate stool outside throughout the year, the vivid colors will not be lost and it will not fade. There will not be abrasion or deformation problems on its texture due to heat. It is one of the mostly preferred outdoor furniture options due to these features. You can choose polycarbonate stools in home or office gardens or balconies. Thanks to their transparent structure, they provide spaciousness especially in small spaces. Therefore, the models give ideal results in small enterprises.

According to preference, cushions can also be produced. Most of the models are stackable. Each product has different color alternatives. If you would like to change the color of the bar stool, you can find alternatives such as light brown, shiny white, amber, black, red or smoky grey.

Please contact us to get further information about the production stages of polycarbonate bar stools and to share your design ideas if you would like to make combinations with polycarbonate chairs in the same decoration.

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