Night Club Bar Stools

Night Club Bar Stools

Bar stools have many designs that are compatible with venues such as nightclubs. Materials such as wood, metal, plastic, casting and polycarbonate are used in the production of bar stools, offering different features according to indoor and outdoor spaces. Woven and upholstered applications stand out among the design options. You can find the most suitable bar stool design for your night club decoration projects such as by checking out on the wide range of products.

Upholstered bar stools are offered with two options, with or without armrests. Both models contain different types of ease of use. While products without armrests create freedom in the movement area, designs with armrests provide extra comfort during long seating. Metal and wooden materials are used on the leg and body parts of the upholstered bar stools. If you choose such a model, you can prefer different fabric options for the upholstery; such as leather, nubuck, velvet, suede, cotton, chenille and linen. You can determine the color of the fabric according to the general design of your space.

Metal stools are among the designs that catch the trend and include a wide range of colors. You can also make different choices for metal surfaces such as matte or shiny. Shiny metal stools create a subtle glow in dimly lit spaces such as nightclubs, creating elegance. The most important advantage of metal bar stools is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Another advantage is that it can be stacked easily. So, products can be stored when not in use without taking up too much space and an extra spaciousness is provided in the area.

Plastic bar stools are also among the products suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. In addition, its easy-to-clean structure offers an extra convenience in providing the necessary hygiene conditions. Plastic models are highly preferred because they are more economical than other designs. These models with a wide color range can preserve their vivid colors for a long time thanks to its UV-added structure.

It is possible to make stylish places such as nightclubs even more elegant or dynamic with bar stools. You can achieve an extra harmonious look by making changes in the designs of the models you choose. All you need to do is contact us to share your design ideas and to create an order with advantageous prices.