Metal Dining Tables

Metal Dining Tables

Dining tables, which have the power to significantly influence the style of the room, are among the prominent furniture in decorations. Metal Dining Tables designed in modern, country or classic styles can adapt to any space.

According to the material of the table top, metal dining tables, which can be used both indoors and outdoors, are frequently preferred in enterprises such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, various dining areas, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, shopping malls and bars. Metal bar tables category can also be viewed to create stylish combinations.

Metal dining tables, which can be produced with project-specific dimensions, are among the most preferred dining table models due to their durable structures. Any model you choose among the dining tables can be produced as square, rectangular, oval or round adding an aesthetic and stylish look to different decoration styles.

You can custom design the table tops of metal dining tables as you wish in terms of material and shape and you can also request  any color for the static painted legs to achieve the desired suitable design. In addition to painting; coatings such as brass, copper, bronze and chrome can be applied on the metal legs.

Indoor or outdoor use of metal dining tables varies according to the preferred table top. Tables with metal, compact, iroko, aluminum or glass tabletops can be used both indoors and outdoors, while providing trouble-free use under rain and sun. In addition, dining tables with table tops made of wood are preferred only for indoor use. Please contact us for technical information about metal dining tables and all other details.