Indoor Dining Tables

Indoor Dining Tables

Undoubtedly, the most important decorative element of a place where food service is offered is dining tables. The elegance and solid stance of the dining tables contribute to the pleasure, comfort and the quality of the food eaten. Table models that offer privileged alternatives in design and adapt to each and every style of your space with its rich variety of product materials; is produced using various materials such as metal, wood, plastic, massive, marble, werzalite, hpl, casting; reflecting the identity of your space. You can view the chair models that can be used with the tables to create an elegant dining set.

Plastic Dining Tables For Indoor Decorations

If your enterprise has an environment with intensive human traffic, you can choose lighter and more practical models in choosing indoor dining tables. Plastic tables can be ideal in this sense. UV-added plastic table designs, whether used indoors or outdoors, do not compromise on color and quality as time goes by. The glass-fiber material used in the production gives the tables an unbreakable feature and they remain intact for many years despite intensive use and frequent movements. Plastic table models, which can be cleaned practically, are among the alternatives with their aesthetic stance.

Veneer Dining Tables For Indoor Decorations

The natural wood veneers on the tables made of MDF are the choice of business owners who would like to provide a natural look. It is possible to obtain different looks with different veneers. Wood veneers such as oak, walnut and beech are among the most preferred. By choosing the color of the polish, you can obtain the most suitable look for the decoration. Coated dining tables are custom production, they can be produced in special sizes. There are many models with metal table legs that can be used with the wood veneer table top. Please check the table legs category.

Solid Wood Dining Tables For Indoor Decorations

The cosy appearance of solid wood tables that provide a natural look, is the favorite of people at all times. Different leg models can be selected for solid tables using beech, oak and walnut trees. After you decide on the color of the polish, you can create a stylish dining area with the custom produced table. Massive dining tables are custom production, they can be produced in special sizes.

HPL Dining Tables For Indoor Decorations

Hpl tables are among the most preferred tables in recent years. The tables, which can be used both indoors and outdoors, contribute to the company budget thanks to their durability. Table tops with numerous color and pattern options can be produced in different thicknesses. It is possible to order these custom produced tables in desired size and shape. If you would like to change the leg of the table, you can take a look at the table legs category.

Laminated Mdf Dining Tables For Indoor Decorations

It is possible to create a stylish decoration with economical prices with laminated-mdf tables where size, color and pattern can be selected. You can choose from solid colors as well as wood pattern and marble pattern options. The table tops can be produced in desired thickness. It can be ordered as square, round, rectangular or as desired. You can view the different models on the table legs category and request a customized table specific to decoration.

Werzalit Dining Tables For Indoor Decorations

They are economical tables that can be used in places such as dining hall, canteen, lunch room or fast food restaurants where human traffic is intense. It is stocked in different sizes, colors and designs. In addition to solid colors, wood pattern and marble pattern options are also available. They are easy to clean, light and long-lasting tables.

Marble Dining Tables For Indoor Decorations

You can choose marble tables if you would like to emphasize the dining pleasure of your guests with the noble stance of marble. The robust and aesthetic designs of marble material processed with natural stone patterns make dining pleasures privileged. Custom produced marble tables can be ordered in different thicknesses and sizes. Being easy to clean, hygienic and long-lasting are other prominent advantages.

Glass Dining Tables For Indoor Decorations

Glass tables also offer a bright and noble look with different glass colors. Easy-to-clean glass dining tables provide ease of use. If you wish, the company logo can be applied on the glass. There are many decorative table leg options for glass tables. Custom production glass tables can be ordered in any desired size.

You can view the dining tables produced by Neo Horeca with high quality standards and get information about the products. You can order the tables and chairs, where you can find every feature you are looking for according to the style of your place, with economical prices.

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