Hotel Outdoor Sofa

Hotel Outdoor Sofa

Creating aesthetic, luxurious and comfortable spaces in the exteriors of hotels; Hotel Outdoor Sofas are designed from materials that comply with outdoor standards. The products are made of wood, plastic, metal, woven and cast materials suitable for use in areas such as gardens, terraces, terraces. Thanks to their modern designs, the products bring quality and aesthetics to their space. While being comfortable, they show high resistance to challenging outdoor conditions such as rain and sun.

L-shaped outdoor sofas are among the products designed in different sizes such as single sofa, two-seater sofa or three-seater sofa to easily host your singular guests or you guests welcome as a group. You can choose products that can be used both as a corner sofa and that can be used separately with their modular structures. Apart from the products that are combined and separated in modules, there are also a variety of products that you can order in the form of sofa sets.

You can order products with different color alternatives by choosing the color you desire. Products that allow your guests, especially family groups to rest comfortably, add value to your enterprise thanks to their aesthetic stance and quality, and help you offer your guests a high level of comfort from the very first moment.

Thanks to the UV protection added in the production of the fabrics, the products are not affected by the harmful rays of the sun and do not cause problems such as color fading. Modern sofas can be used outdoors in hotels. Also it is a comfortable option in terrace and lobby areas. You can prefer sofas, which offer impressive appearances especially in summer gardens, in different business types such as cafes and restaurants.

The cushions of the sofas are produced with a zipper. Zippered covers, which can easily be removed at times of cleaning can also be washed in the washing machine. Leg sections obtained from special tree types provide high performance in durability and provide the advantage of use for many years. If you would like to benefit from these unique designs, you can choose the color and model that best suits the style of your enterprise. If you like, you can also have your company logo applied on the seats. Please contact us for further details and to create order.