Hotel Outdoor Chairs

Hotel Outdoor Chairs

Chairs to be used in outdoor areas such as gardens, open bars or poolsides must be weather resistant. Otherwise, the sunlight may fade the color of the chairs or weather conditions such as rain, wind and snow may completely damage the product. Among the options are long-lasting models using the most suitable materials for hotel outdoor chairs.

For spaces dominated by retro style, you can get a good fit with the overall design by choosing polycarbonate chairs. The transparent image of the polycarbonate material creates both an elegant style and a retro look. Thanks to its UV structure, it provides advantage in outdoor areas. Since the UV additive protects the chair against the harmful rays of the sun, there is no discoloration. It is possible to choose polycarbonate chairs in single color or two colors.

Metal chairs include contemporary and classic designs. Wicker and weave motifs applied at the seat, back and armrests add an elegant look to these models. You can prevent the accumulation of rain water on the product by choosing the woven models of metal chairs that are resistant to water and sun. In order to give extra durability to outdoor models, cataphoresis coating is applied before painting. It is possible to change the color of the metal chair you choose with or without a cushion.

Plastic chairs attract attention with their innovative designs. Their ergonomic structures, dynamic details and elegant looks make plastic chairs the ideal choice. The glass fiber in its content makes these products extra resistant to breakage. Thanks to its UV additive, plastic chairs with a wide range of color options preserve their vividness as day one. Plastic chairs are cleaned practically and carried easily as they are light. They can easily be used in outdoor areas such as gardens, terraces and balconies.

Wooden chairs designed for open spaces are made of iroko wood. When this durable material meets teak oil, it gains extra resistance against water and sun. Wooden chairs supported with aluminum profiles offer both a natural look and extra durability. It is also possible to choose the color of the wood as desired.

Please check the outdoor chair models with cast, metal, wood, plastic and polycarbonate models and feel free to contact us for detailed information and to make color and design changes on the chairs.