Hotel Bar Stools


Hotel bar stools, which are generally used in areas where drinks and snacks are served, add a decorative atmosphere to its space, while offering comfort to guests.

Polycarbonate Bar Stool For Hotels

Thanks to its resistance to UV rays, polycarbonate bar stools produced in many different colors and models do not experience aging and fading due to the sun. Polycarbonate bar stools can be used both indoors and outdoors and can stay in areas such as gardens and terraces throughout the year. In addition to its use with the bar counter, it is also ideal at times of wedding, event and various organizations thanks to its stylish appearance.

Plastic Bar Stool For Hotels

If you are looking for a light, comfortable, durable and decorative looking bar stool, we recommend you to view plastic bar stools. It is very advantageous as it can be used for many years without deformation in crowded enterprises. Each product has many color alternatives. Since the products are in stock, they can be shipped quickly.

Cast Aluminum Bar Stool For Hotels

Cast bar stools, which look like elegant objects thanks to their classic details, are custom produced using ready-made molds. It can be static painted in a color selected from the ral color chart. Cast bar stools can be used indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its all-weather feature, it can stay in places such as gardens and terraces throughout the year.

Metal Bar Stool For Hotels

Standing out with their plain designs, metal bar stools can be painted as shiny or matte with the color chosen from the ral chart. Cataphoresis coating before painting ensures that it is resistant to outdoor conditions such as changing weather temperatures, rain and sun. For interior decoration, you can view the models that are upholstered, woven or designed with wood.

Woven Bar Stool For Hotels

Woven bar stools using ropes containing protective additives against UV rays are stylish, durable and long-lasting products thanks to their metal body. It is recommended to use with a shelter on top in order not to receive direct rain and to prevent damage on the woven parts. The body of the models, which are an ideal alternative for interior spaces, can be painted with a color selected from the ral chart as matte or shiny. In addition, there are different color options for the woven part.

Wooden Bar Stool For Hotels

Wood, which adds cosiness to the area where it is used, is among the decoration materials that will never go out of fashion thanks to its surface patterns and texture. In order to withstand outdoor conditions, wooden bar stool models made of iroko wood can be produced in any size and design according to your order. To reveal their natural beauty, teak oil is applied on the models and they become resistant to rain and moisture.

Upholstered Bar Stool For Hotels

The upholstered bar stool models, offered with leather or fabric upholstery alternatives on a wooden body, stand out as one of the comfortable and stylish furniture you can use in interiors. The models that you can choose color not only for the upholstery but also for the wooden part; are custom produced upon order.

Neo Horeca offers bar stools produced for hotels with high quality standards and economical prices. You can view the most suitable bar stool for your enterprise, order the liked models right away, and offer your guests the comfort they deserve.