Glass Tables

Glass Tables

Glass tables are among the designs that can be used both indoors and outdoors. For glass table models designed with geometric shapes such as square, round or rectangular, you can determine your own dimensions and choose the form you want. If you would like to use it as an outdoor table in areas such as gardens, patios, terraces and balconies, you can choose stainless, composite, aluminum pedestal models. If you wish, you can also request a glass table top to be applied on a different model table leg selected from the table legs category.

Glass models are widely preferred in the food and beverage sectors as they can easily be cleaned. You can use glass designs that make it easy to provide the necessary hygiene conditions at the highest level, in the dining areas of restaurants and hotels or in crowded places such as cafes, cafeterias, coffee shops, shopping malls and fast food restaurants. Among the options, you can also find glass writing desks designed for use in offices and at work.

Glass table models are in a very good harmony with modern and up-to-date spaces. It creates extra spaciousness in all places  and manages to be the unifying element of decoration. You can create spaciousness with glass models, especially in small space designs. Since the glasses used as table tops are thick and tempered, they also show a strong resistance to breakage.

In addition to materials such as stainless, composite and aluminum, wooden materials are also used for the legs of the tables. If you wish, you can make differences on the color and shape of the legs. By combining legs and tables of different models, you can achieve a more personal design. Offering a durable appearance, the aluminum legs also amaze with their light structure. Thanks to this lightness, it becomes easier for you to move the tables around the room. Please contact us at any time to get detailed information about glass tables.

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