Cafe Chairs Wholesale

Cafe Chairs Wholesale

Cafe chairs are the most noticeable furniture, along with the tables, that attract attention when you enter the space. The theme or decoration chosen in the cafe stands out as an important detail in increasing the attractiveness and customer potential of the place. Café chairs also have an important place in this theme and decoration due to the space they occupy.
There are chairs that are diversified with different styles and materials so that you can choose the most suitable for the spirit and ambience of the place. Cafe chairs, which have a variety of materials such as metal, cast, plastic, polycarbonate,woven, wood and different upholstery fabrics, are produced upon order according to your preferences. The chairs which are made of plastic and polycarbonate material are usually available in stock.

Metal Cafe Chairs Wholesale

If you prefer the chairs to be produced from metal material for your cafe layout, you can choose the color from the ral chart for the metal of your chairs. You can use metal chair products, which can be painted in two types, glossy or matte, either in indoors or outdoors. You can create a modern environment by easily placing metal chairs with cataphoresis coating before painting in order to prevent them from being affected by weather conditions. Metal Café Chairs are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Plastic Café Chairs Wholesale

If you are thinking of choosing products made of plastic material as a cafe chair, you can take a look at the most suitable color and model options for your space among the chairs produced in certain molds and colors. If you wish, you can create a lively cafe environment equipped with colorful chairs. You can use the plastic chairs produced with UV additive in outdoor areas such as garden, patio, terrace, balcony without any color fading.

Iroko Cafe Chairs Wholesale

Wooden chairs, which are produced from iroko wood and applied with teak oil in order to allow them to be used in outdoor, if desired some changes can be made on the product. They are frequently preferred in decorations, Thanks to their natural appearance and long-lasting structure.

Woven Cafe Chairs Wholesale

It is an Ideal for cafes with a modern and stylish decoration, Woven chairs are among the favorite products in terms of both visual and usage. The ropes are used which are resistance to UV (ultraviolet) rays. In this way, its color does not fade. The body of the Woven Café Chairs are made of metal. Color selection can be made for both rope and metal body. These products are custom made, which are produced upon order. If the Woven Café Chairs are to be used in outdoor, they should not be left under the rain and be used under awning system which provide a long-lasting use.

Polycarbonate Cafe Chairs Wholesale

Polycarbonate Café Chairs, which give a different atmosphere to the cafe environment with their transparent appearance, are also resistant to UV rays and have different color options. It maintains its durability for many years in crowded businesses. It can be used in garden, patio, balcony, terrace areas throughout the years. It is also frequently preferred for indoor decoration in recent years.

Neo Horeca with its experience in wholesale, produces cafe chairs, which are needed by furniture companies or companies in the horeca (hotel, restaurant and cafe) sector, at high quality standards and at maximum speed. You can contact us to get information about cafe chairs wholesale and to place your order.